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Environmental charcoal kiln 'Tatsujin'

Would you make your own charcoal from the unwanted wood which you have disposed of by burning? Our environmental charcoal kiln, "Tatsujin", makes unwanted wood into useful charcoal as an underfloor humidity controller and soil conditioner. "Charcoal making" is breaking down solid wood or bamboo into carbon and fluid by thermal decomposition. Solid wood stays in the kiln as charcoal, as the liquid is vaporized. Wood vinegar is produced when the smoke and vapor cool. "Tatsujin" makes charcoal from unwanted wood without fossil fuels and helps to prevent global warming by fixing carbon.

Main Products

Tatsujin Model T-105

Model T-105

Compact and authentic charcoal kiln for personal use. You can always enjoy making charcoal in your own style.

Basic Wood  Vinegar Collector

Basic Wood Vinegar Collector

You can collect wood vinegar with natural carbon filtering and water-cooling.

Tatsujin Model K-405

Model K-405

Easy operation charcoal kiln which tilts 90 degrees. Portable with wheels.

Sumiwari Tatsujin

Sumiwari Tatsujin

Splits and sorts charcoal for use in various merchandizable products.


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